Pokke Points Fishing

Pokke Points Farming Tip with Fishing

If you really want to get those renovations really fast, you can always stick to the fastest way. This guide will let you show what you just wanted and get 5000 pokke points in roughly 15 minutes, not bad eh?

First off, just get to the 2 star elder quests. Go over the Desert gathering quest and bring the following minimum requirements:

Cool Drink
Bait x10 (any common)
Rare or Well-done Steaks

Ammo (optional for gunners)

So you should go over area 1 and kill all of the Apceros. These little sh*ts will ruin your fishing and need to be eliminated first. After you’ve wiped out the three, exit to area 5 and return back to area 1. There should still be 1 remaining Apceros, kill it and on your right is a fishing spot. Right after you have entered area 1, you can instantly see if there are any Goldenfish around. Catch it with your fishing bait. Just repeat the process and get up to 10 to get back to camp. Repeat as necessary.




Advanced Guide:

Additionally, Get these items/skills to make the task a lot easier.

5 Goldenfish Bait (Firefly + Snakebee Larvae). Bring all of these three to make more
Combo Books up to 3
Farcaster (Exciteshroom + Bomb Materia) Bring them all too
5 Power Juice (Rare Steak + Catalyst) Just bring the PJ
Fishing Skill (to make the fish always bite the first time)

+ the Minimum requirements