MHF Unite: CWCheat Ingame Guides

Here are a few nifty Tricks for your CWcheat Plugin for the PSP. Apparently, if you have still haven't downloaded it yet, click HERE. This can alleviate going through a myriad of sites just to find the proper element to kill your monster or find the proper item for your combining needs. What you can get to the Guides are
  • Monster Weakness Guide
  • Hunter Rank Guide
  • Carving Guide Updated to MHF Unite names
  • Kitchen Guide
  • Trenya Guide
  • Veggie Elder Trading List Guide
Fact: This is not a cheat but merely a guide. CWcheat enabled are cheats but let me stop you, I put this blog to get even from those impossible to beat monsters with the basic and essential cheats. I got this from Aegilnet from the minegrade forums so thank him for this.

This is for the game Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

Download the US Version with Savefile Folder Code ULUS-10391
Download the EUR Version with the Code ULES-01213


  • Unzip the files inside the Plugins > Cwcheat > Text >
  • Hold the select button ingame and open the Text Reader.
  • Controls to the Text reader are:

R button: goes to next document
L button: goes to previous document
Right: page down
Left: page up
Down: scroll down one line
Up: scroll up one line


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