DLC: Arena Of Blood And Tears

If you actually have a legit copy of the game, you can download the latest DLC from Capcom themed Arena of Blood and Tears.


Arena of Blood and Tears - "It is not my usual practice, however, there is someone who wishes to test your strength. Therefore, can you show me your true power? You may expect to be compensated for your trouble."
  • Monsters: Green Plesioth, Red Khezu, Emerald Congalala, Terra S.Ceanataur
  • Area: Moat Arena (Day)
  • Rank: G Class (HR 7 Or Above Only)
  • Reward: 39,000z
Plessy can be easily brought down with a Heavy Bowgun. The rest are okay but the Ceanataur is a pain especially with never-ending attacks. I usually roll forward on a head-on attack.  A piece of cake to most veteran hunters out there. Even though some said there were harder customized quests but this ones' official.

Via Capcom Unity

If you want to have the image on top of the site, You can easily get it HERE. If you can count, it looks like there are more than 80 monsters adding other color variations, the bad thing is Yama Tsukami is either too big to fit on there. This definitely brings a new word to the title Unite.

Campcom had done a nice job bringing up the amount of monsters with just a measly 800+mb of data on a UMD. Even though it was only driven by quests, it has to be one of the deepest games for the PSP platform.

Also, do check out the Monster Gallery on the side, you can use Photoshop to make your own collage for your enjoyment. Here is the Link for the Images at the Gallery.